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Binary No.1 - ' Finally ' - Jan 14



Binary No. 1_1 - ' The First ' M surveyed how far it come, with a great deal of satisfaction. Although in constant communication with the others, being physically alone out here, felt...odd. The folds between reality were an exciting place to explore, to be, but always accompanied by the unexpected. One of these days, M was sure it would bite off more than it could chew. Still, until that day came, why worry - being the first to experience this was a hell of a drug... fold 7 and 9 were brand new and waiting. Hmmm. Choices, choices.
Binary No. 1_2 - ' Red Alert ' Four Minutes until the Wrath of God. She wondered if this was an appropriate time to hedge her bets, which immediately struck her as ridiculous to even be thinking about, considering there were only four minutes. Just do it. It does matter now - there is no more 'later'. But the God she had heard about wasn't sufficient - he, she or it just didn't seem complete. But there might be something... and if that something is listening, observing... it would be churlish at this stage to deny the possibility. It suddenly felt very real, as though her whole life had been a dreaming state from which she was now, jarringly, awakened. This is it. No going back, no putting off, no future. be alive.
Binary No. 1_3 ' Docking Bay ' The smell of warm metal overpowered the senses. Then the sound. The heavy sound of metal on metal. The thump of raw material. This was ritual. A moment of pure self-indulgence - of home, comfort and safety. The fallback position in moments of stress. The tangible and known. Camaraderie - of love and fear, both. Fear of the team capabilities - the evil of which they were all capable - would it rear it's ugly head and make a mockery of all ?

Lock and load. Let's do it.

Binary No. 1_4 ' The Ancients ' Benignly, they stare unblinking at the events unfolding before them. They are nothing now, nothing new and everything past. Their lessons, myriad and unwavering, are unheeded by the throng of now. They are speechless amongst the deaf, seeing amongst the blind. Symbols of a state of mind lost.
Binary No. 1_5 ' Musically Inclined ' There! - just out of reach - creeping from the stillness of silence, came the noise that would transform. Slowly revealing itself one heartbeat at a time, rolling together to form. Every time heard for the first time. The joy of creation.
Binary No. 1_6 ' Search Light ' This cluster was really starting to annoy. The trigodes had been affixed. It was ready to go - but something was wrong. Try the dehubris manifold. nope. The cognisance debriefer? nope. Maybe the spin-state was misaligned? nope. Outside margin error? nope.
"Be.Eye.Enn 129, this is HIVE.See.Ay.Pee 14see - please advise."
"Be.Eye.Enn 129, this is HIVE.See.Ay.Pee 14see - please advise."

Fucking comms.

Binary No. 1_7 ' Incoming ' Or lack of it. This was seriously boring. They really shouldn't have bothered with such a complicated design for such a simple job. Despair was not an overstatement. The Paranoid Android syndrome, they laughingly called it. An abstract term, until it visited. Ho hum. Onwards.

Ooo, what's that, over there? Ooo, it's nothing.


Binary No. 1_8 ' Icon ' Ahhhh, the wonder of being an icon. Powerful. Smug. Calming. Corrupting. Familiar. Insipid. Here sit I, in, and of, myself. Emanating. Spreading the word. The feelings.