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Visual manifestation of idea, formless by word
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F3nt0n's bio -

Last passing from previous reality, to this one approx 600 yrs ago.
Born 20 May 1966 into this reality.
Born 09 Jul 2009
Born 09 Jun 2014
Born 09 Jan 2019
Born 19 Jul 2021

Current location (2021) living on top of a hill. A new experience.

Likes and dislikes (you decide which is which)

ready salted crisps, living on top of a hill, politics, Pepsi max, Come-State, history, my wife and partner, new experiences, the state that our reality finds itself in, individual people, crowds, many other things.

What is Binary?

Now, that is a complex question - the answer to which will take a while to explain, because it involves time, space, event, hidden secrets, denial, transmission, The Muse, The Third State, Come-State, the human species, The Emperors New Clothes, mind, existence, experience and The Things That No One Talks About.
To name but a few.

To begin to understand what Binary are - and is - they must first be seen.

That part is up to you.



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