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About F3nt0n


Pulled from the reality fold.


Consciousness. But what of it ?

The Internal You. The You that is really You. The voice that is You.

The You at odds with the Outside You - the Outside You that acts discordantly from Inside You.

The Outside You that faces the world, to make sense of it - interact with it. The Outside You that continually compromises.

The Outside You that frustrates and confounds the Inside You.

The Inside You that is always true.


Images from the Inside Me.

Inside Me to  Inside You.

The Binary.


I have no formal training or experience in art. I have never painted before. Watercolour seemed a natural choice, so in early January 2104, I began.

Each Binary image is 90mm x 60mm (roughly the size of a credit card) - combined to form a Binary Collective, (typically 12, 16 or 20 images) - then mounted behind windows into a 20" x 16" gloss white frame, behind glass.

One of my greatest pleasures is naming the Binary images.
The disconnect between what I see, then produce (not knowing exactly what it is I'm seeing) - means that I'm seeing the image for the first time when it's finished - and I come to name it.

It's been a fantastic journey so far.

If you like them, you'll possibly want to own one of my images.

Contact me and we'll arrange something.